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Elise Stevens: Initiator of "Celebration of Women in Project Management"

Elise Stevens  is a woman with a deep empathy towards others and she has got a very high mental strength. She is very experienced in the project management business. Usually she lets others shine -  today it is definitely her turn. She lives in Brisbane, Australia.

My lesson learned is: let others shine and sparkle – it inspires you, and makes yourself happy and warm at heart.

Nadine Greck: Dear Elise, Thank you very much for your time! As I used to be a part of your wonderful initiative “Celebrating women in project management” I felt inspired by you to let others shine as well. And I am so happy about that we both can now conduct our interview - in changed roles.
What was your “dream job” when you were a kid?

Elise Stevens: I was keenly interested in science and thought I would have a career in the sciences. 

Nadine Greck: What is your job title?

Elise Stevens: STEM Diversity Prophet.

Nadine Greck: How do you describe your profession?

Elise Stevens: My role is about helping people and organisations bring about change whether it be personal change or organisational change.

Nadine Greck: What are your mission and your vision?

Elise Stevens: Mission: to equip women in STEM with the tools and skills they need to achieve their career  goals. Vision: Dedicated to improving the diversity of STEM organisations and teams.

Nadine Greck: What were the 5 most important milestones in your (career) life?

Elise Stevens:

  1. Completing my degree in electrical engineering.
  2. Working for some exceptional managers at various points in my career (sad to say their a few truly exceptional leaders).
  3. Starting the Celebration of Women in Project Management event in 2018.
  4. Realising I had the power to take a different path in my career that is not standard.
  5. That not all roles and organisations are a good fit for me and that I can’t twist myself into things that I am in order to fit into an organisation. 

Nadine Greck: What would you advice your 20 years old “ME”?

Elise Stevens: Your career will take you along a varied path – enjoy the ride. 

Nadine Greck: From which “fail” did you learn most?

Elise Stevens: I left a bad job and it took me a couple of months to recover from the experience. I stayed in that job way too long and it impacted me significantly.  Now, if I sense that things are not going to work out, I pull the pin early if there is no other way.  

Nadine Greck: What gives you power?

Elise Stevens: Looking at issues/problems from a different perspective and using creative problem-solving techniques to resolve them.

Nadine Greck: How do you handle conflicts?

Elise Stevens: It depends – I try to step back and take the emotion out of the situation and try to work out what the end goals of the other parties are.  I like to think of my approach to handling conflict resolution is a continuous improvement cycle – learning new approaches etc.

Nadine Greck: How does social media support your job? Which platforms do you use and why?

Elise Stevens: Social media is so important to getting the message out in our community. I used FB, LI and IG – I am learning to love Linkedin more and IG is such a visual experience. 

Nadine Greck: Please complete the following sentences: 

  •  In my job I love...variety and ability to make a difference.
  • My next plans are...launch my book “Unlocking the opportunity- how 153 women navigate their careers in project management”
  • I dream about...a place and time where all women can achieve their career goals not matter their age or experience.

Nadine Greck: …anything else you would like to let me, and my readers know?

Elise Stevens: Career success is not just about what you do – it is about how you treat others and how you give back to your professional community.

Nadine Greck: Thank you so much for your time and your co-operation, dear Elise! Maybe one day we will be co-working on an international project together. But somehow...we already do!

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Text, graphic & editorial: Nadine Greck